About Me & Stuff I’ve Done

My name is Scott Varnham. Currently 22 although I plan to change that in the next year or so. I’m the guy with the unassailable self confidence and the cool clothing. I’m also a guy who doesn’t photograph well (which somewhat contradicts the self confidence thing but I call that ‘knowing my strengths’).

I’m currently studying Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. So far I’ve written a novella, which may be published at some point, but it needs a rewrite.

My work:


I used to write for Blogcritics.org, but haven’t contributed anything for a year. I feel I’ve improved since then but here’s the link if you want to trawl through my back catalogue. http://blogcritics.org/writers/scott-varnham/

One of my main outlets at this time is Kasterborous, which is a Doctor Who fan site. I got writing for them after a friend gave me the Ultimate Regeneration book for my birthday and I wrote a review of it. I hate to use a clichéd phrase, but one thing led to another and here I am. Link to my author page: http://www.kasterborous.com/wordpress/author/scott-varnham/


Starburst Magazine – I was recruited as a news contributor for their website and have worked my way into semi-regular contributions to the magazine. I think my work here is the best that I’ve done so far.

Choice features from my contributions to the magazine:

My interview with Darren Shan – Issue 384, pages 86-87, and the honour of writing what appears to be the world’s first review of Zom-B Underground.

My article entitled ‘Star Wars: What Happened Next’ – Issue 384, pages 32-35

My interview with Guy Adams – Issue 380

A Sherlock Holmes story that I wrote was included in a Sherlock Holmes anthology put together by the good people at Sherlockology and MX Publishing. The book will have all its royalties donated to the cause of saving Undershaw, the home that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle built. You can buy the book here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sherlocks-Home-The-Empty-House/dp/1780922256/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1341524676&sr=8-1 – my story was called ‘The Adventure Of The Exploding Moon’.

One of my contacts from Starburst Magazine put together a book of fan essays about Doctor Who and asked me to contribute one. It’s called “Can You Be Happy Without The Classic Series?”. The answer that I gave is, broadly speaking, ‘no’ but you can read my reasons in the book ‘You And Who’. Link here, proceeds go to Children In Need: http://www.miwkpublishing.com/store/index.php?_a=product&product_id=25

My essay on the Series 5 episodes The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang will appear in You And Who: Volume 3.


Things I am currently pursuing/my goals for the future:

Be a Wikipedia Source – This is nowhere near achieved and shall probably remain that way for some time.

Be the best damn Tweeter ever – Heh, please. I’ve already achieved that goal by joining Twitter in the first place #GodComplex #HeresALinkForYou (Link: https://twitter.com/#!/Scottv1)

For any enquiries or general messages of goodwill, you can contact me on s.varnham@yahoo.com.

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