Ten True Scott Facts, As Seen On #Twitter

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

True Scott Fact #10: I have an extraordinary lack of trust in people. – Basically, what I mean here is that for whatever reason, I’m paranoid about what people do when my eyes are closed. For much the same reason, I don’t like people sneaking up on me. 

True Scott Fact #9: I plan to stop using “The Quickening” as a shorthand for an unwanted and terrible sequel upon rewatching it. – Two reasons for this: I watched the movie again recently, and while it is bad, it’s not as bad as my constant usage of it as a byword for bad sequel would imply. The stuff with Sean Connery is sheer gold. The second reason is that Highlander 5: The Source has no redeeming features whatsoever. It is genuinely dire and another reason I’m arguing for the existence of objectivity is that we can get this thing filed away as terrible.  

True Scott Fact #8: I own so many books I’ve lost count. Am estimating 3-400 plus. – I have a bookshelf that contains 60 books or so per shelf, and it has three shelves. Add that to my boxes of books, my pile of books and my books on other shelves and you can see why I’ve lost count!

True Scott Fact #7: I vary what my favourite movie is depending on who asks me the question. – I have three favourite movies: Highlander, The Man From Earth and Star Wars. There are several reasons I vary them, usually based on my reluctance to answer questions about them. What I usually do is gauge their movie knowledge before they ask me and base my answer on that. For instance, if you’re not a movie buff, I would say Star Wars is my favourite. If you had an extensive knowledge of movies I would say Highlander. I reserve The Man From Earth for people who know me very well, because these people hear me rave about it anyway.

True Scott Fact #6: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the reason I prefer 80s music to any other type. – I thought this one was self-explanatory. There is a kind of incomparable joy that you get from belting down a Fiami (Fake Miami) highway, blasting out Crockett’s Theme or Run To You that nothing else can give me. 

True Scott Fact #5: Judging by the amount of times I use it, my favourite word is clearly ‘rather’. – This one is very self-explanatory. Just read one of my pieces and you’ll probably find it in there once, if not more!

True Scott Fact #4: I keep track of my time of work experience at Camp Mohawk by knowing the date that Pokémon Diamond and Pearl came out. – These games came out on July 27th 2007 and I bought Pearl on the last day of my work experience, which was the day of release. 

True Scott Fact #3: I was the first reviewer to have seen Penn And Teller Tell A Lie, according to Penn Jillette. – Originally there was a link here to the Tweet in question but Boy informed me that it was a broken link so I’m going to try and get it from memory (since my Twitter won’t let me go back too far) “Glad you like it. You’re the first who’s seen it.”

True Scott Fact #2: Alexander Armstrong once implied that I sent the BBC death threats. – This was during a recording of Epic Win (not the episode where my friend breathed in someone’s face). Some of you may remember the anecdote from my previous blog on the subject. He came out and said hello to the audience, mentioning that they had to turn people away and that somebody started making death threats. At which point he turned to me and shook my hand. He did it to somebody else on a subsequent night so it wasn’t just me.  

True Scott Fact #1: There are bottles in my bathroom that I have to turn away from me when I’m in the bath as I can’t stand looking at them. – The bottles are by somebody called N-Spa Fruit and the reason I can’t look at them is that they have ‘quotes’ from a wise man on the front that angry up my blood. The quotes are nothing but a load of run-on sentences and hateful aphorisms that show a contempt for the kind of person that uses their product. Here’s a link to their (Self) Indulgent page, showing a few of the messages I mean on the bottles. Words cannot describe the contempt I have for them.


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