Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

As some of you may be aware, I was celebrating the fact that my first piece was syndicated on the Blogcritics section of the online newspaper the Seattle Post Intelligencer. However, a google search of my writer name, combined with ‘seattle post intelligencer’ revealed that quite a few more articles have been syndicated there. About ten more, in fact, dating back to August 2010. So here they all are.

My review of Ultimate Regeneration, a review to which the author himself replied on this very blog.

This is a review of a collection of three short stories from one of the founding fathers of time travel fiction, H.G. Wells.

This is my review of Curt Stager’s Deep Future, a work which is accurate but quite boring to read.

The Emperor’s Tomb, a book by a man who looks so American it hurts.

A pretty damn good book, considering it’s self published.

Pretty damn good book as well, but can get a bit up its own arse at times.

Feisengrad is a pretty interesting book, in a funnier style than 1984.


I examine Twilight. And am okay with it, on some levels.


This one drew quite a lot of criticism, but that was more at the feature rather than my piece. I hope.

One of my first attempts at describing music.


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