Almost 100 Reviews done so far…

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

I love the fact that I do reviews of stuff, because while I have a relatively good memory when it comes to stuff I’ve watched or read (I can remember most of the comedy stuff I’ve seen, down to sequences and gags – Simpsons is a big one for me here), sometimes I will inevitably forget stuff I’ve seen. Case in point, I found out about the existence of the movie Closer, then found out I’d already seen it. It has Natalie Portman as a stripper, you’d think I’d remember it.

The reason I bring this up is that I’ve recently bought And Another Thing for £3 and realised that while I’d read it before, I’d forgotten most of what happened in it, as well as what I thought of it. So I decided to read what I thought in my old review of it. This is why I’m also glad I’ve put my blog into categories.

I thought it was good, by the way.


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