A Doctor Double Bill…**

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

The time has come for me to review the last episode of Doctor Who, Series Fnarg. As an added bonus (yay), I will be talking about the first instalment of The Adventure Games, the BBC’s first serious attempt at a game for quite some time.

This episode involves quite a lot of dicking around with time. Some of the fan guesses about what would happen during the episode were proven right, some were proven oh so wrong. Unusually for Doctor Who, there is quite a bit of dicking around with time but it’s justified by the sheer epicitude of what’s going on. There are numerous funny moments in the episode (pretty much anything involving the fez or the museum time stuff comes to mind) which occasionally clash with some dark, dark moments for a bit of black comedy.

In my opinion, the whole episode was classic Who fare, with a lot of talk on human values and lots of moments that keep the tension going from scene to scene. There weren’t any bits that dragged and you weren’t wanting the episode to be over with already. The ending didn’t feel like they’d written themselves into a corner like with previous series finales (the Stolen Earth with its rotating screaming Daleks comes to mind) and it was probably the best series finale to date (it was certainly epic enough).

I was going to write a small bit about the Doctor Who Adventure Game, City Of The Daleks but there was a bit of a problem with it…it didn’t work properly. Much like the Weeping Angels, it could access your eyes through your computer screen (as is normal for a game) and the other similarity is the source of the problem. Clearly it must be quantum locked, because it didn’t work if I was looking at it! I could hear the music fine (one instance where the speed of sound exceeded that of the speed of light) but the vast majority of the playing time was spent on a loading screen* or clunky looking cutscenes.

I gave up after a while and resorted to TV Tropes for a plot summary. Seems to be standard post-apocalyptic fare, which makes sense considering the scenario, I suppose. Basically, the plot of the game is: The Doctor and Amy go to 1963 (to check out John Lennon) and find the place in ruins, due to a Dalek invasion. Aspects of the plot seem to be similar to the First Doctor serial The Dalek Invasion Of Earth.

I think you should give it a try and see if you have better luck, but be warned – it comes to 330MB to download it, and if it doesn’t work that’s a hefty file size. Oh, and fans of the original series Cybermen (the Mondas Cybermen, but then you didn’t need me to tell you that) will be happy to know that if you can download it and get it working, the second Adventure Game features them as the villains. It’s called Blood Of The Cybermen and it’s available to download now.

*I tried to use the Konami code to make it work properly. It didn’t work, unfortunately.

** Actually, due to time travel, it’d be more like a treble-bill. If not more.


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