Rule Britannia, So Long As Her Side Is Winning…

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

It’s that time of every-four-years-like-clockwork again. The World Cup kicked off on Friday to massive hype as people in this country seemed to finally remember where they live.

With that came the usual wave of hysterical bollocks that has been building up for a while now, with Facebook fan pages both spreading that ‘People have been banned from wearing England shirts in pubs by the police’  and decrying it. I realise that’s the entire point of the page, but God, that enrages me. Not the message itself – the thought that someone would waste my time by making me have to look at this utter, utter bullshit.

People only seem to care about patriotism if one of two things comes to pass: 1) a World Cup comes around again and 2) the entirety of Britain goes back in time and relives a World War. The problem with patriotism is that done badly, it’s very close to racism and hate, since there is potential for “If you’re not English, you’re not on our side and therefore BAD.”. Which is obviously a bad thing. No doubt if England lose the World Cup, the BNP will find some way to blame it on the Immigrants or something. “Lose the cup, join the clan.” Fantastic slogan if I ever heard one.

At a time like this, everything else (including aspiring writers, hint hint) gets shoved into the background in a frenzy of football obsession. All the shows talk about it and most of the schedules are taken up with games and game highlights and so on. I still remember the penalty shot that Beckham missed in Euro 2004 that made the nation groan collectively. I suspect something similar will happen this time, and if he wasn’t injured he might have caused this one to go tits up and all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of my country and I’m glad to live here. I just don’t give a flying fuck about football, that’s all.


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