“Jim-Bob, Get ‘The Boys’. Time To Blog.”

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

About five minutes ago, I saw an unintentionally funny news piece that grabbed my attention. I laughed my ass off and came straight here to post a blog about it.

Turns out that racism is still around in Wal-Mart. Some cheeky scamp got into the public address system at one of their stores and – I’m not making this up – asked all the black people in the store to leave. On the face of it, that doesn’t sound funny, but if you read the article linked below, you’ll see that ‘a male voice calmly addressed the customers and asked all the black shoppers to leave’. That’s the funny bit. Rather than being a nutjob who wasn’t restrained properly, the article implies that the guy not only was in full possession of his mental faculties, but that he was calm and collected. I like that image, because in all honesty it was probably a Wal-Mart employee doing it for a joke or dare.

The article didn’t say whether there was a burning cross outside with sheet-wearing figures standing around it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It also puts into my mind an image of a couple of red-necks toting guns while standing around the PA system and sending Jim-Bob to wait outside for anyone who ventures out of the store.

They are currently looking through the security tapes to see who did it and prevent others doing it in the future. To be honest, their guard would probably be let down again after a while and you’ll probably be reading about a relapse from the same people in about a month or two.

You can read the article of unintentional hilarity here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35910010/ns/us_news-life/?gt1=43001

Thanks go to NGamer Forums for supplying the article links and the lols in my last blog.


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