Scott ‘Dislikes’ This…

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

A large bulk of my internet-faring day is spent on Facebook, sifting through the hordes of fanpages and groups that should be named in my honour that exist on this social networking website and that I am exposed to through the ‘Live Feed’ feature. On the surface, it sounds pointless, but knowing what fanpages and groups your friends have joined is addictive in a weird way. Knowing what your friends are up to and being able to comment and like statuses (stati?) is quite entertaining, when they have something of value to say. When the statuses are typed by drunkards or idiots, then it’s not so entertaining.

It is very annoying to see the constant groups that pop up (I saw a couple for ‘I was on Facebook on a snow day!’) that are absolutely pointless. I also dislike (something you can’t do on Facebook itself) all those groups that say “1 Million against Facebook becoming a paysite!” First of all, anyone who thinks that the heads of an international social networking site with many millions of users will listen to what said users think is mental. The next part is, why would it become a paysite? They make many millions from advertising anyway, and most of the groups have their own agenda, like spamming the users or doing a bit of advertising of their own.

Same goes for all the ‘Facebook finally has a Dislike button, add it now!’ groups. If they had a button added, why on Earth would you need to join a group to add it? You wouldn’t get a choice in the matter, much like when the ‘like’ button came into use. This groups ask you to invite all your friends (by which they mean spam them) and you’ll get some sort of magical button that totally doesn’t spam you or anything, yeah?

Plus, when Facebook changes their site layout and adds new features, the same users, who were crying out for some changes and calling it shit (basically complaining like old biddies), start moaning that they want the old Facebook back. They must feel like they can never please people.

Facebook has also gotten on the instant message bandwagon with their chat program. Naturally, people can’t be happy about this (considering that our parents had nowhere near this level of technology, that’s somewhat baffling), instead just concentrating on the slowness. Which, to be fair, is true, but that doesn’t excuse that people are taking such things for granted today, and that they don’t consider the past anymore.

All in all, Facebook is a pretty useful social utility, and one that is immensely unhelpful if you’re trying to work, since you get distracted by procrastinating. I enjoy using it, it’s just that the fact that it bares the open stupidity of people that never ceases to amaze me.

But according to the Daily Mail, Facebook is giving me cancer anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Would’ve thought that it was because I’m resting my laptop on my groin, but there we are.



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