Eventually, Wolverine Will Get Cybernetic Components And Become A Terminator. Fear This!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I had a busy morning (by my standards), so I took a leaf out of my dad’s book. This involved coming home and relaxing by putting on a movie or two. I picked X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Much like Die Hard, this is a movie that mainly concentrates on the action with a story façade. The story itself was surprisingly predictable once all the pieces fell into place, and as it’s a prequel you knew what was going to happen anyway.

As an action film, this does not disappoint in the slightest, although an incredible suspension of disbelief is required to make sure that you enjoy it to its full potential. There was clever directing here, especially in the opening montage of James Logan’s early life, from the 1840s to a time about 6 years after the Vietnam War, which is when the rest of the film takes place. It made clever transitions from scene-to-scene here, which is always refreshing to see in a film that should be just concentrating on absorbing you in the action. There are many explosions here, which should satisfy any fire-lovers who watch it.

Something that confuses me is the amount of shirtless men in action films, which are after all marketed at men who like that sort of thing. This one was particularly notable, as it had a known ‘hunk’ in the leading role. He did workouts and weight training for all those shots where he is shirtless in some capacity and it shows. This film, aside from being a good action film, can also be regarded as a vehicle for Jackman’s man tits. There is one scene in particular, where in what I can only assume is an unintentional Superman shout-out (which would be weird, as they’re different comic companies entirely), an old couple who don’t give their names (Ma and Pa Kent?) find a naked Hugh Jackman in their barn, which I’m sure the woman would’ve appreciated if she was younger. They immediately start outfitting him with their son’s old clothes, which just so happen to fit/make him look cool.

Turns out the entire purpose of that scene was so the bad guys could blow up the barn and kill the old couple with a fiery deathball from which there could be no escape. Oh, except for Wolverine, of course. To be precise, he escapes through the side of the barn on a motorbike. Then he somehow takes down a helicopter with his bare claws. He then proceeds to crash this helicopter, and blow it up, which involves him making use of an old cliché and staple of action films; namely a straight-up, honest-to-God walk towards the camera in slow motion while something blows up behind him.

My overall verdict is that if you go into this expecting a masterpiece of filmmaking, you won’t be happy, but if you just go in expecting an action film and not too much story, then you will love this movie. This film promises action and boy, does it deliver.

This should have played over the end credits, shame it didn’t : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqz5dbs5zmo


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