(Doctor) Who Watches This Show Anyway?

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

As one of my blogging buddies pointed out last night, why would you have a Doctor Who special of a comedically inclined music quiz? I’ll tell you why, because it was damn funny. Doctor Who Never Mind The Buzzcocks (may not be its actual name) was a surprisingly funny edition of this show that I can normally take or leave.

David Tennant makes a excellent host, quite frankly, a much better one than he has any right to be. Catherine Tate is phenomenally stupid as one of the guests in this show, but it’s of the laughing at rather than with kind of humour. Bernard Cribbins is funny as a somewhat crazy old bastard, interjecting with witty remarks and humour based on what is said to him. They obviously can’t stray too far from the formula, so you do have the concessions to the world of music, such as a guest appearance by Jamie Cullum and somebody I am informed is called Jo Whiley. Being friends with a fangirl of Jamie Cullum, I naturally want to avoid him at all costs.

The elements of Doctor Who are well incorporated, with Catherine Tate revealing just how little of Doctor Who she is aware of. There is a somewhat welcome appearance from the TARDIS and a Dalek, among others, and some of the questions are Doctor Who related, although it would’ve been a nice touch to get one of the previous Doctors in for the Identity Parade round. I must admit, watching a full orchestra performing a certain beloved 80’s song was one of the oddest things I have ever seen in my life.

Part of me doesn’t really agree with the concept of having a Doctor Who christmas special of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but that part is drowned out by the louder part that said this was fucking fantastic. It whet my appetite for more Who and kept my minimal Buzzcocks dislikin’ part of me down for the day.

The only ‘problem’: I expected (and thought I was right) John Barrowman to be in this one. The reason I say problem is that he’s been in it before and he’s been in everything else, so it’s no big loss.

Oh, actually, two problems. No Barrowman and no Tom Baker. He should’ve been in it! He is a true crazy old bastard and I’m sure people would’ve found him hysterical, as he’s shown himself to be quite comedic on occasion. I’m not saying he should’ve been the host, but maybe one of the guests and he would’ve worked wonders.

Overall, I found this episode to be funnier than normal Buzzcocks, so if you’re a fan of Doctor Who or Never Mind The Buzzcocks, then I as a general non-fan would urge you to check this out, as it is well worth the half hour of your time.


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