This Countdown Won’t Stop On 007…

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I was reading through my old blog posts yesterday when I noticed that in one of my first blogs I said I would soon be doing a run-down of my top favourite movies. It won’t be in any particular order, because I can’t ever sort these out into any particular order. Same with books.

Number one, Star Wars. For sheer impact and imagination, this is probably one of the best movies of all time. It’s certainly deserving of being in this top ten. This ends up in a whole lot of top tens because it is a damn good movie. They got the whole ‘used future’ effect down really well. They include a lot of homages to classic movies while creating a fantastic and compelling story at the same time. Well worth the price of admission or dvd.

Number two, The Man From Earth. I won’t say much about this movie, as I have already reviewed it (it can be found late October on my blog calendar). Suffice to say it is a truly intriguing and well written movie about an immortal who has lived an extremely long life. Other than that, he is very similar in characterisation to you or me. It truly is a beautifully written and compelling film, I urge you all to see it somehow.

Number three, Back To The Future. For as the old adage goes (if indeed there is such an adage), the first one is the best. It is at heart a love story, but not in the way you might expect. Yes, everyone’s favourite time traveller has a girlfriend but their relationship is the one with the least screen time. The thing I love about this story is that it is just about a guy who is trying to get back to his own time, not actively out to change things, and what he does change he changes back or makes it better. This has probably one of the best examples of a happy ending for almost all parties involved, and yet it doesn’t feel cheesy in the way that happy endings normally do.

Number four, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade. Again, have already reviewed this movie, my review of same can be found in the early days of November. I like this movie because it perfected the Indiana Jones formula and reached the perfect high of the franchise. It had great music, great stunts and great writing, as well as good acting – all helped by a plot steeped in well-known mythology.

Number five is one of my most highly loved comedic films: Hot Fuzz. This film parodied action films while showing an affectionate love for them at the same time. It included references to the director’s previous work, Shaun Of The Dead (another great film) while riffing on the situations that could occur and the way that crime is treated in the countryside. While parodying action films, it has stunts and action up there with the best of them, while in one way being better than them: it doesn’t deal in clichés. It mocks them but never unintentionally uses them. It also has some brilliantly gory moments, with two characters having particularly nasty things happen to them.

Number six is Highlander. The film that sparked off my love of the immortality concept. It is an action filled love story with guys hacking each other’s heads off with swords, as death by decapitation is the only way they can die. It is a well written and well directed movie, even if the special effects aren’t very good compared to standards of today. In one scene, you can even see the strings holding Christopher Lambert up. Normally that’s a phrase I level at Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlet. Mind you, it’s not as bad as the sequel. Pretty much nothing is as bad as the sequel. Never seen it? Be grateful.

Number seven is Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Boldly going where four films have gone before, it takes you on a jaw-droppingly beautiful trip through the center of the universe, with a heartening conclusion, that —

Nah, I’m just fucking with you. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This film got the Star Trek formula done, and done well. It was actually funny, had a positive message behind it (although not one I care about, I don’t want to ban films from putting messages across) and it had the easy interaction that comes with actors who’ve known each other for 20 years. To me, this is what I love to see. A nice group interaction of people who have known each other for a long time and have bonded well over that time.

Number eight is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This is a hilarious trip through space and time and the movie that made Keanu Reeves’ career take off (although Bill never really made it to the big time). The thing I love about this film is that it’s not too dramatic, and it is a damn funny film. It includes subtle jokes (one joke took me years to get) while opting for obvious humour that still shines as good writing and execution.

Coming in at number nine is Forrest Gump, one of Tom Hanks’ best movies. This is a movie that I believe everyone should see. It is about one guy who pops up in loads of places in history without really trying. It’s a heartwarming story of a disabled man trying to find happiness with his one true love. I love this film because it beautifully illustrates the contrast between two close people who got separated by life and the paths they take. Hanks is really convincing here as the IQ-deprived Gump of the title, it is an inspiring performance to behold for any aspiring actor.

And now we come to this, the final curtain. Futurama: Bender’s Big Score is the first of the direct to tv movies, and just behind the fourth in sheer funniness. If you like Futurama, you will love this. It tied beautifully into established continuity while adding an extra layer behind the scenes of the early episodes. This had me laughing heavily from beginning to end, and I’m sure it’ll have you doing so too.


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