“I Need A Hiro…”

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

This blog contains many spoilers. Many! This blog is only recommended if you have been keeping track of the latest series of Heroes online.

So I was watching the latest episode of Heroes last night when something occurred to me. I’m probably right in saying that we have all known someone like Resident Irish/Prick Samuel at some point in our lives. An utter dick, who doesn’t care about anyone but himself but who claims to hold other’s interests at heart. Maybe not a murderer, but he might as well be, for all the crap he gives about humanity. I and many other people call this a poisonous friend. It was pretty nice and gory when he shot his brother in the throat with a rock though; I actually winced when I saw the way it went in.

It was nice to see Sylar Classic again in all his evil glory, but it does unfortunately mean that they can never kill him again. The only way they can kill him is if he chooses to kill himself (which he really should, as he’s pretty much lost any right he had to live) and tells them where to shoot him on his body. Kind of like the “I cannot Self-Terminate” scene in Terminator 2. Does anyone else think it would be pretty cool if they had some sort of Terminator homage to highlight this? Complete with awkward-to-watch-with-your-parents sex scene.

I think that four seasons in and with a full carnival of specials to make up, they really started scraping the bottom of the barrel for powers. In the expanded universe, there are two people with utterly stupid powers. One person is named Little Miss Goldenrod, and she has the power of Gold Mimicry. Yes, Gold Mimicry. The other person and the one with possibly the stupidest power of all is known as Caleb, and he has the power of:




Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. Spider mimicry. As in, he grows 8 huge spider limbs from his back. I can’t tell what prompted them to come up with that, or what they were smoking, but there it is. I will give it to them though, they are slowing departing from X-Men’s shadow, because I’m pretty sure nobody in the X-Men universe can mimic a spider. I think Spider-Man is the closest they have to that. And even he doesn’t have spider-legs growing from him. It would make that secret identity a lot harder to maintain.

Thanks to Peter absorbing his brother’s flight ability, no-one in the show can heal Hiro anymore. And now he has flight, which as anyone who knows me knows, I think of as an absolutely useless offensive power. Speaking of Hiro, I did think Samuel was being a real douchebag to Hiro but he should’ve seen it coming. I mean, he is never going to give Charlie back. There is a very real possibility that he doesn’t actually know where she is in time and space. I did like the expression on Samuel’s face when Hiro disappeared though. That combined with the cultural references made for a fun moment.

All in all, it was a pretty interesting episode, and I’d certainly recommend checking it out.


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