Scott Varnham and the Meaning Of Life…(That’d Be A Shit Film)

Friday, November 20th, 2009

A classmate of mine recently voiced the theory that the meaning of life is experience. I like this theory, because it sounds like one of the ones that could be true. I don’t claim to have all the answers (because I’m not a religion), but I’d like the opportunity to tell you what the meaning of life is to my eyes.

I would like to start this by saying what I see as the goal of pretty much anything you do, which is keeping your mind busy and being interested.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just boil everything down to whether it interests me or not, but I’m saying it all contributes to the general richness of life if you open your eyes to it. For example, I write this blog because it interests me to see what exactly I think about things (most of my writing comes out stream of consciousness style), and I hope it interests you, the reader. Part of why Columbus risked sailing off the edge of the world is that he wanted to learn whether he would go over or not. Most of it is admittedly that he wanted to find a quicker route to the West Indies, but that’s not as inspiring.

I think it is quite telling that I have thoughts of my death mostly when I’m bored. This is why I go to college and enjoy it, this is why I watch dvds and read books so much: because they interest me, they keep my mind occupied. As the great (fictional) detective once said, “I abhor inactivity, Watson.” Substitute ‘Watson’ for ‘Dear reader’ and you get an idea of where I’m coming from here.

This is the reason that I tend towards being lenient with people who piss me off. Our short span on this Earth is too short to hold grudges for any length of time. All things pass, in time. It’s far easier and less stressful to have friends who annoy you and help you learn from dealing with them than having a lifelong enemy. It’s hard sometimes to forgive, but generally speaking I manage it.

This is part of why I want to have an extended lifespan (as previously blogged about). Imagine all the experiences you could have in 1000 years of living. Of course, it is human nature to repeat mistakes, but most consequences fade with time.

What I’m saying in this blog entry is that pretty much every experience you have will probably come in handy at some point. This blog writing will probably help if I ever get that columnist/film reviewer job or start writing my autobiography. Even if you are in the depths of depression and sadness, it will serve to give you empathy with anyone who is going through the same stuff you are. If you make the most of life, people will see you as an interesting person, with plenty of stories to tell. They won’t all end with “and then the bear took his face off,” but you know what I mean. There will generally always be someone who will take an interest in your life if you just know how to tell the right stories from your past in the right way.


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