“I Cannae Do It Cap’n, I Cannae Give This Good Movie A Bad Review”…

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

So, it’s that time of decade again. The new Star Trek picture is coming out on dvd tomorrow. Those of you who know me well will know that ever since encountering the original Star Trek series on dvd, I absolutely love it. I know I’m a bit late to the Star Trek party (43 years late) but really, that’s part of the appeal. To see how this programme was so far ahead of its time in its day (sexism of the last episode aside) was amazing, and the programme had some good ideas behind it.

I must warn you, that as with most of my reviews, this one has spoilers,so those of you who haven’t seen the movie might want to skip this until after they have.

This movie takes place in the past of the Trekverse, but an alternative past. Spock Classic attempts to stop a star from going supernova with Red Matter (seriously), but it doesn’t work, and he goes back in time, along with the main villain of the film. The problem with that is, the villain gets there first. Now, as you might imagine, this causes some problems.

One of the main gripes (and I don’t have many) that I have with this film is that it completely changes the course of established Star Trek history. The writers have given us some crap about it being an alternate timeline or continuity, but it doesn’t hold up when you think about it. Going back in time and dicking around changes the timeline unless you alter your original time changing. I thought they covered this in Back To The Future 2? And while we’re on the subject, it is damn depressing to think that not only can Spock Classic not get back to the year he was in, unless he lives his way back and pretty much dies in the process, but that he can never get back to his original timeline, due to all the time dickery.

Another gripe I have is that there was no purpose to the scene where you see Kid Kirk almost drive a car off a cliff, except to introduce him as reckless. They could have cut that scene out of the film and it would make no difference whatsoever. That’s when you know you have a superfluous scene.

Now for the rest of the film. I found it an exciting journey through the galaxy that doesn’t require you to know too much about the Star Trek universe to draw you in and engage you. The new cast work well with their roles, which is hard since they have some big shoes to fill, and I enjoyed seeing Zachary Quinto recreate Nimoy’s Spock for the new age. The only one I didn’t like was Chekov, where the directors or writers didn’t seem to know what his character does, they even had him operating the transporters at one point! The villain becomes a lot harder to hate when you know that he is essentially suffering from misdirected anger.

The music was well used in this movie (apart from the use of Sabotage, by the Beastie Boys), I particularly liked the way that the original theme of Star Trek plays over the ending credits, although I prefer the Jerry Goldsmith theme from The Next Generation. That will always be what true Trek music is like for me.

I enjoyed this movie, both as a devoted Trekkie and as a watcher of movies. There was a lot of action, exciting stunts, and some good acting on the part of the main cast. They had some good writing, dialogue and I thought they captured the spirit of the original very well, which is what they were trying to do, after all. I’m going to do what many reviews have done before, and say that this is well worth seeing, for both long-time Trekkies and newbies to the franchise. Even if you haven’t seen anything Trek before, chances are you’ll like this. Check it out.


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