Indiana Jones 3:The Quickening.

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Don’t let the title fool you, I like this film. In fact, it is my personal favourite of the four. I love this film and I would rate it as one of my top ten favourite films of all time. Oh, and I will be writing a run-down of my top ten favourites soon.

I love every moment in this film, from the beginning with its epic opening tune (which spans eight minutes of the opening scene), to the classic riding off into the sunset ending, after a touching father-son moment which is still played for laughs.

First up, the opening scene. Like I said above, the score for this scene is nothing short of magnificent, and really captures the old style of the scene perfectly. There are some nice continuity nods, with it showing where he got his Fedora, his fear of snakes, and the scar on his chin. Little things that the fans probably wouldn’t have been bothered about, but that they decided to include anyway.

Next, the main adventure. I like the idea of a cup that grants you everlasting life, but not enough to go to the sort of lengths that Donovan would go to. Both Sallah and Marcus Brody are welcome recurring characters from the first film, which helps to enhance it. Some may criticise its similarity to the first film, but the first film was good. I liked that one, therefore anything like it can’t really be a bad thing, right (with the possible exception of Temple Of Doom)?

There is a whole lot of action in this film, from tanks falling off cliffs with obvious dummies (that or they killed a lot of stuntmen), pretty much the entirety of the opening sequence, to boats being destroyed by massive propellers (it doesn’t unnecessarily explode, but it might as well have).

There is also a bit for the nerd in all of us, such as the history behind the holy grail, and the fact that this film, while action-filled, is also an intellectual one. You get a lot of talking about the various parts of the quest and what’s happening during the course of the film. Most of this intelligence comes from Henry Jones Sr (Sean Connery), the writer of the Grail diary which comes in handy later. This is probably the only sidekick (he even rides in a sidecar at one point, and ineptly takes out their own plane with his machine gun) who is potentially better than Indy himself at what he does, and that really shows in the scene with the birds and the plane.

I just have one question. In the introduction scene for Walter Donovan, his wife comes in and tells him off for neglecting his guests. Then she is never seen again. What happened to her? Did anyone tell her that her husband turned bad, shot an old man in the stomach and got done and dusted (bad pun definitely intentional) in the grail temple? Man, that bugs me.

To me, this film had everything. Nazis (again with the Nazis, Scott), the Holy Grail legend, comedy, touching moments and Sean Connery as Henry Jones Senior, Indiana’s grail-obsessed father. You can’t beat Sean Connery in an Indiana Jones movie, personally. Especially the bit where they see that they are not so different (in more ways than one – they both slept with the villainess of the film). So yes, for anyone who hasn’t seen this, why not? I loved it, and pretty much anyone else should too.


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