Up, Up and Away!

Friday, October 30th, 2009

So, I saw Up yesterday with my girl. It’s a good film about one man, an idiot boy and their helium balloon propelled house going on an adventure, and like many Disney and Pixar films, I found myself grinning like a loon.

I say many Pixar films, but I mean Toy Story 1 & 2 (I love those) and The Incredibles. (I would say Finding Nemo too, but it’s just not my cup of tea).

There are two things I love about this film, and one of them is the depth of love they show between Carl and his dearly departed wife Elly in the ten minute opening sequence. You’d think ten minutes wouldn’t be enough to show that much love, but somehow they manage it.

The other thing I mainly love about this film are the amount of phobias it may well give a small impressionable child. I found myself thinking, how is this film suitable for children? Among other things they may have been made afraid of are evil dogs, clouds and mad old adventurers out to kill.

This film is funny, hopelessly out of touch with reality but brilliantly because of it, and this is not purely a children’s film, there is something for the adults and the adventurer in all of us too. This is most definitely a film for anyone who has ever dreamed of going on their own adventure, much like the Indiana Jones films (which I also love).

And finally, a word about the short played before the film, Partly Cloudy. Like most of Pixar’s shorts (and films, come to that), it discards the idea of reality before you step through the cinema door. It takes place in the skies and the main characters are fluffy cute clouds and storks that deliver little cloud babies (yes, like I said, it left reality at the drawing board). The rendering on the clouds is amazing and the effects are realistic. It’s all very cutesy and heartwarming, which is standard for Pixar, isn’t it? The short has some funny moments, some heartwarming  moments and some sad moments. This is much like the main film in that respect, and that’s the best you can ask for.


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